Volunteer Opportunities

Status: Available
Email us to inquire about available group volunteer opportunities.

Groups up to 25 People

We have 2 - 4 packing events per month where groups of 20 - 25 adults are needed to pack hundreds of bags of groceries or other similar tasks. Due to the interactive, fast paced nature of this group activity we only accept groups who already work together in some capacity such as a company, church, school, club or association.

These group opportunities are available weekdays for a 2-3 hour shift during business hours. SCS has specific days the packing activity must happen, but the shift schedule can vary based on your group’s timing needs that day.

Your group will be given a quick overview of the services SCS provides to our community and instructed on how to pack and stack the food bags. If you’d like to arrange to have lunch in our conference room before or after your packing time, please let us know.

This is a fast-paced team exercise requiring a modest level of physical effort. All members will be on their feet for at least 2 hours.

Status: Available
Contact Carolyn Alexander, Director or Operations to discuss your ideas further.

Groups over 25 people

SCS does not have any in-house volunteer opportunities for large groups. However we would love to work with your group to arrange a community building activity such as a simulated low income shopping trip or other activity resulting in a donation of needed items to SCS.

In one example of a large group activity, your large group can be broken up into small groups and given a modest budget to shop for items SCS needs such as healthy, good tasting cereal. Your group members then navigate the public transportation system to complete their shopping and then make their way to our facility for a fun donation roundup rally. Your group members get physical exercise, experience the transportation challenges of lower income community members, read nutrition labels and engage in group decision making challenges of money allocation and transportation options.

These activities can also be competitive with prizes awarded for the most contributions to SCS.

We are open to any other ideas resulting in the donation of food, or other household/personal items. Get creative and be inspired.

Questions About Volunteering?

Please contact:
SCS Volunteer Manager
408.738.4321 ext. 211

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