Volunteer: Student Groups

Status: Filled

We encourage student groups of any age to help SCS by conducting food or other drives to collect needed items. SCS does not have any in-house activity for groups of students younger than 16.

Here are a few ideas for helpful group activities:

  • Conduct a Food Drive
  • Collect items for the homeless and pack in backpacks. SCS can supply the backpacks. Your group collects and packs the items.
  • Bake bread
  • Conduct a book drive for low income children
  • Conduct a sock and glove drive for the homeless

We would be happy to provide a tour of our facility to your group when you come and donate the items or have an SCS representative visit your location to accept the items and discuss the needs of low income families.

See our wish list page to learn more and contact us to discuss specifics for your group.

You are also free to use our conference room if you would like to assemble or wrap your donated items at our facility. Please call and schedule at least two weeks in advance.

During the winter holidays and the summer school break, we may have specific special projects that would be a good match for a group of high school students. October and June are the best months to call and ask about seasonal high school group activities.

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