Stories of Hope

Family of 4 becomes family of 6

Their in-laws were visiting from Mexico when the shelter-in-place order was issued. Now, there are two more mouths to feed, and both parents have lost their jobs. By the time they came to us, they were behind two months rent. Thanks to the generous support of our community, we were able to cover not only their two months rent, but also their utilities!

Family with new baby

Dad lost his job. Now, this family of five (including a teenager and a two-year old) must survive off of Mom’s janitorial salary. We helped them with the rent.

May God repay you and give you more, so you can help more people… The truth is that with the coronavirus, we have been left practically jobless. We are going through a difficult time, and this is a lot of help that you are giving us. Thank you and take good care of yourself.

Three sources of income lost overnight

A senior citizen had been working part-time at a restaurant and part-time at a flea market. He supplemented his income by turning in cans to the recycling center at 5 - 10 cents each. Then shelter-in-place was issued. He lost his restaurant job. Meanwhile, the flea market and the recycling center closed. By the time this man came to us, he had lost all sources of income. With your donations, we were able to cover his rent and put food on his table.

Honestly, thank you for your help. I’m back at work, and I was able to pay this month’s rent on my own!

Thank you to our major donors!*

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