Exciting End-of-Year Sunnyvale Challenge!

An anonymous donor is challenging our community to donate up to $100,000 in the month of December.

Individual donations up to $1,000 will be doubled! This generous donor has pledged up to $100K to SCS in a matching challenge to inspire the Sunnyvale community to support our holiday campaign.

Many local families are wondering how they will pay rent next month or buy food for their families. This December, we expect to help 5,500 low-income Sunnyvale residents by providing extra food and gift cards for holiday gifts.

“Throughout the pandemic, the Sunnyvale community has come together to help one another. I'm making this challenge to inspire fellow Sunnyvale residents to join in helping our less fortunate neighbors. Together, we can bridge the gap created by these difficult times.”   
       – Sunnyvale Challenge donor.

Please help us reach our goal and match our $100K Sunnyvale Challenge by donating today! Thank you for your continued support and generosity.

The Sunnyvale Challenge will match individual donations up to $1,000 through the end of the year with a maximum $100K total match.

Please help us reach our end of year goal!


Thank you to our anonymous donor!